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As we enter into the new year, we remember that God has placed His name upon us! 

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Colossians 3 teaches us what the life of a baptized believer can now look like because of who we are through Jesus! 

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Christmas is about more than just remembering what happened long ago.  In this sermon we're reminded that Jesus is our real and present hope. 

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When the long awaited Messiah finally came, the joy was overwhelming! 

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Hebrews 6 provides us with some of the most comforting and encouraging words in the entire Bible.  In this sermon we hear why we can live with real hope for the future and real security right here and now. 

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How could Paul have joy while locked in prison?

How can we have hope when things seem hopeless? 

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Understanding what Colossians teaches about Baptism as well as what the rest of the Bible teaches is a huge key to rightly understanding the rest of the book of Colossians, so we took an entire session to talk about Baptism. 

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The message of John the Baptist was stern, yet filled with hope and that hope led to major changes for those who believed John's message. 

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If you're hurting or feeling lonely the message of Psalm 42 is exactly what you need to hear. 

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This is the first in a series of sermons on Hope!

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The little book of Jude helps us to understand what Jesus meant when He taught that we are to "stay awake" and how to do that. 

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We (finally) finish chapter 1 of Colossians! 

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What does the book of Hebrews teach us about worship?  How can it help us to understand why we worship the way that we do? 

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In this session we cover the Christ hymn and the reality that Christ is all sufficient. 

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What can we learn from a widow who put two tiny coins into an offering box? 

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We continue our study of Colossians chapter 1. 

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What a joy to hear the gospel proclaimed in English and Amharic in the same sermon! 

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Have you ever been told that you look or act like your mom or dad?

Can it really be said that we look or act like our heavenly Father?

Find out why John was so filled with joy that he and all believers in Christ could be called, "children of God." 

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In this study we introduce the book of Colossians and get through a whole 2 verses! 

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The reading from Hebrews and the commemoration of Reformation Day both give us reason to rejoice in what Jesus has done for us! 

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Is having wealth good or bad?

What are we to do with our wealth? With our lives?

Are possessions good or bad?

Solomon addresses such questions in Ecclesiastes 5 and helps us to answer these important questions, which ultimately find their answers when Christ is the keystone of our lives. 

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What's the most important thing to you?  Really, what is #1 in your life? 

That's the question today's gospel reading causes us to consider as Jesus speaks with a rich young man. 

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When the Pharisees brought a question about divorce to Jesus, He didn't answer in the way they had hoped, but instead He reminded everyone what God the Creator intended marriage to be in the first place. 

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Who is the greatest?  The disciples posed the question, but Jesus gave the answer. 

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Can a Christian struggle?

Can a Christian have doubts?

What does it look like to have genuine faith?

What is it that makes faith strong?

We talk about all of these questions and more in this sermon on Mark 9:14-29.

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The Psalms can be a challenging book of the Bible, but they can also be very enlightening.  In this sermon we examine Psalm 146 and see how we can use it to enrich our prayer life. 

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God has equipped His people with "the full armor of God."  It protects us against the attacks of Satan, but it also allows us to go on the attack against Satan and the forces of darkness. 

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What difference does the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus make in marriages?  How about in every day life? 

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God didn't say to Elijah, "I'll never give you more than you can handle"  However, when the journey was too much for Elijah, God gave him strength through a special meal; He does the same for us today. 

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The people had received miraculous bread from the Lord, but they weren't content.  They wanted more/better/different things than what God was giving them and above all, they wanted actual food, not Jesus telling them that He's the true bread from heaven!

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It's no wonder the word "sin" has "I" in the middle, because sin is all about selfishness.  In the account of Samson, it's easy to see his sin, but what you might miss is the way in which the Israelites also put themselves before the Lord.  In the end, it's a very messy story in which no one looks good, but that's really no different than today, is it? 

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When we read about Gideon in Judges 7, it would be easy to think, "Now there's a person the Lord used in a powerful way! I don't think He could ever do that with me."  However the whole story of Gideon reveals that if the Lord could use Gideon, He can most certainly use you. 

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How did the Israelites go from serving the Lord to not even knowing the Lord in such a short time?  How do we make sure it doesn't happen in our time? 

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"Choose this day whom you will serve...as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

These are well known verses in Christian circles, but what was Joshua really saying with these words? 

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In Joshua 20, the Lord directs that certain cities be made "Cities of Refuge" for the protection of those who were guilty of accidentally causing the death of another person.

What does this text tell us of Jesus?  What does it mean for us? 

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The end of Joshua 5 can be a perplexing text, unless it's understood through the lens of Christ. 

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God not only knew that children would ask a lot of questions, but it's a part of His good plan.  Find out how God used a pile of stones and the curiosity of children as a teaching tool for His people (both then and now). 

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Three times in Joshua 1, the Lord tells Joshua to be "strong and courageous."  Why could he be strong and courageous?  Why can we be strong and courageous? 

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Isaiah suddenly found himself in the presence of the Holy One of Israel...the very Triune God.  How did this event impact Isaiah?  What can we learn from it? 

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The ascension of Jesus is an event that can be difficult to understand, yet when it is understood it is truly good news. 

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Revelation 20 is a challenging chapter, yet is filled with good news and the reminder that in the end, victory belongs to all who are in Christ! 

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God went to great lengths to hammer home the point to Peter (as well as the whole church) that when Jesus said to make disciples of all nations, He really did mean all. 

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Philip, probably wondered to himself, "what am I doing here?"  Yet, God knew what why Philip was where he was and it was all according to His plan.

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We very quickly go through chapters 16 and 17 of Revelation 

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The image of Christ as the Good Shepherd is well loved for good reason.

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The Apostle John was a witness of many things, including the resurrected Jesus appearing to him and the other disciples as well as when Jesus showed Himself to Thomas (after Thomas had doubted).  What did John learn from these events? What can we learn from these events? 

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The resurrection of Jesus is the most important event in the history of the world, but can we be confident that it really did happen?

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Ours is a world with many false hopes and with problems that might lead people to lose hope, yet on Easter we are reminded that there is a sure and certain hope because of Jesus. 

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What kind of God do we have?  One who would become human, suffer, and die all so that sinners may live. 

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The love of Jesus was made tangible on Thursday of Holy Week and remains tangible for us even today. 

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Do you wish to see Jesus?  Holy week offers you just the opportunity to do so.

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Parents know the feeling of not really being listened to by their children, but it's not just children that have that issue.  In the gospel reading from Mark 10, James and John show that they really haven't been hearing what Jesus had to say and so they make an incredible request of Jesus.  But Jesus uses the opportunity to teach the sons of thunder, as well as the rest of the disciples, why He had come and what true greatness really looks like in His kingdom. 

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Revelation 13 begins with Satan enraged that he is unable to destroy the church, so he rages against the church by raising up two beasts. 

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Ephesians 2 tells us of our need for a help, how God has given that help, and what it means for us. 

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Revelation's account of Christmas, a battle in heaven, and the life of the Church. 

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Why is it that we say that the Ten Commandments still apply, while we no longer say that hundreds of other Old Testament laws apply?  Are we being hypocritical or is there a good reason for this? 

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A measuring staff, two witnesses, a disturbing celebration, and a resurrection.  What's it all about?  Ultimately, Revelation 11 is all about Christ's witnessing church. 

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What does it look like to truly trust in Jesus? 

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Recent events have shown to us yet again just how broken by sin our world truly is.  What can we do? Where can we find hope? 

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The Transfiguration of Jesus has a lot of things happening at once, but the most important is that it reminds us who Jesus is and that He is more than enough. 

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A big angel, a little scroll, and eating the Word. 

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The exciting reality in Mark 1 was that Jesus was on the move; it's still exciting news for us today. 

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Do you know who Jesus is? So, did the unclean spirit in Mark 1.  More important is this; Do you trust in Jesus? 

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Revelation 8 is a very tough chapter as it deals with God's wrath.  Yet it is important for us to understand this truth and why God would allow for bad things to happen in this world. 

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In examining the book of Jonah, we'll find that we have a lot more in common with Jonah than we might first realize. 

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In the midst of the suffering and tribulation happening on earth, we get a glimpse into heaven itself and find peace, safety, and the very presence of God Himself. 

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God is speaking; are you listening? Really?

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The four horsemen of the apocalypse, souls under an altar, and earthquakes; Revelation 6 is a chapter filled with difficult topics. 

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There's so much more happening when someone is baptized than they eye can see. 

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In Revelation chapter 5 we have some truths about Jesus reinforced and are reminded of just who He is. 

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Revelation chapter 4 is an amazing look into the throne room of God and a peek in to at least part of what heaven will be like. 

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We all have our different stories, but on Christmas we're reminded that our stories find their fullness in His story. 

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We finish with our look at the letter to the church in Laodicea. 

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In this sermon we recall how the season of Advent began, with a prayer from Isaiah and in this sermon we close out the season by remembering that Jesus is and was the answer to that prayer. 

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The story of Ruth reminds us that Jesus came to be the Savior for outsiders and the Redeemer of all. 

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The letter to the church of Laodicea. 

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Are you troubled by a sinful past?  Rahab's story reminds us that God's grace is far greater than any sinful past or present sins with which you struggle. 

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We tend to get bogged down in the daily grind, but the season of Advent reminds us that we are called to live with eternity in mind. 

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The church in Philadelphia wasn't large or powerful, but it was faithful. 

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Tamar's story isn't a pretty one, but it is true and from her story we can learn about the Savior who came from her line. 

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From Isaiah's prayer in Isaiah 64, we can learn to pray boldly, expectantly, and to wait patiently for the Lord to act. 

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The letter to the church in Sardis. 

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In Matthew 25 Jesus speaks of the final judgement, with the sheep being received into the eternal kingdom, but the goats cast into hell.  So, what's the difference between sheep and goats? 

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The letter to the church in Thyatira. 

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Why in the world would the God of the universe entrust His things to people like us?  What are we to do with these "talents?" 

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What is Jesus' message to the church in Pergamum? What does that message mean for us today? 

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In this world of danger and hardship, Christ invites you to come into His church and there find your home. 

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500 years ago the world was changed forever when the 95 Theses were published.  But with all of the changes, the message of the Reformation, the message of the Bible, and the message that the world needs to hear today hasn't changed...and it's still all about Jesus. 

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When Jesus' enemies tried to trap Him with a questions, he turned the tables on them and forced them to consider what they owed to God.

What do we owe the government?  What do we owe to God? 

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In Philippians 4, Paul reveals "the secret" to a life of joy and peace.  What is it? 

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