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Today we finish our look at Philippians by examining one of the better known passages in the New Testament. 

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In Philippians 3, Paul tells us that our pasts no longer define us and that we have a future thanks to Jesus. 

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The church at Philippi was a huge encouragement to Paul and he to them. Find out the backstory of how this came to be. 

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Romans 14 teaches us about living in community with our fellow believers.

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You've likely heard Romans 13 invoked recently, but maybe you didn't understand what it was all about. Today we dive in to Romans 13, being a Christian citizen, and when Christians may defy the governing authorities. 

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What should the life of a believer look like? What are we to do now that we've been saved? 

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The sermon for August 16, 2020 based on Matthew 15:21-28

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Why was Paul brokenhearted and what can we learn from Romans 9:1-13? 

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Sermon for July 26, 2020 on Romans 8:28-39

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In the midst of our fallen world, the Lord gives us hope and help. 

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Psalm 65 is about praising God and as we explore it, we'll see just how many reasons we have to praise Him!

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Jeremiah was faithful, but his faithfulness to the Lord caused him all kinds of trouble. 

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On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the Apostles. What does this have to do you with you? Give this a listen and find out. 

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What does it mean to be part of the church? What does it mean to be a "living stone?" 

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Jesus knows you. He sees you. And He loves you. 

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I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord. But why? Why does God help us? 

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The accounts of the fall into sin and the temptation of Jesus are familiar stories and they help us to learn the truth about ourselves, Jesus, and the love of God. 

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Peter had many amazing experiences. He was eyewitness to so many miracles, to the resurrected Christ, and to the transfiguration of Jesus, yet he tells us that we have something even more trustworthy than personal experience. 

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Jesus has come to save, but His coming also gives us reason for great joy in enjoying our daily blessings.

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Abraham intercedes before God

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What does it mean when Jesus says the kingdom of God is near? What does that look like?

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In John 1:29-42, John directs his disciples to follow "the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." They don't really know what they are seeking in Jesus, but they know that they need to be with Him. 

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For New Year's Eve we used Psalm 111 to reflect on the great works of God in the past and to hold fast to His promises for our future. 

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Shortly after the glory of Christmas, we are faced with the terrible events in which the baby boys in Bethlehem are murdered. What do we do with this? What can we learn from it? 

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The Lord wants us to trust Him and has given us great signs in order to confirm our faith. 

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John the Baptist was in prison and sent his disciples to Jesus with a question. What can we learn from this? 

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Why is Melchizedek such an important figure?

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What lessons can we learn from John?

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What do we do with psalms of ascent like Psalm 122? What does it mean for us?

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The catechism helps us be reminded of reasons to give thanks to God. 

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How would you answer the question? What is King Jesus like? 

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Jesus has saved us and Jesus is coming again, so what are God's redeemed people to do as we await His return? 

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The Sadducees were trying to embarrass Jesus with their question. However Jesus turns the tables on them and gives and answer that not only answers the question, but gives us reason for hope. 

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What does the Church look like? Probably not much like the family in this picture. 

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What are we to make of the account of Jacob wrestling with God? 

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Noami had a very difficult time. 

How can her story teach us in our out struggles or in helping those who are struggling? 

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The book of Habakkuk helps us to learn to live by faith and trust that because of the Lord, in the end, all shall be well. 

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What does the Bible tell us about angels? What comfort can we gain from the knowledge that there are angels around us? 

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In the gospel reading, Jesus tells a parable that is difficult to understand, but by looking at the surrounding passages we can better understand what He was teaching. 

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If you want the perfect pastor, Jesus is the only option. However, even though there have been terrible religious leaders throughout the history of God's people, Jesus still chooses to call and work through pastors.

Does this mean that pastors are perfect? Hardly.

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"Blessed is the man" is how Psalm 1 begins. What does this mean for believers in Christ? 

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The Pharisees made a habit of deciding who belonged at their table and who didn't, but Jesus makes it clear that He welcomes all kinds of people at His eternal table. 

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When asked, "Will those who are saved be few?" Jesus responded by instructing those listening to strive to enter through the narrow door.


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What is faith? What does it look like to live by faith?

Hebrews 11 gives us the answers to these questions!

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In Colossians 2 we see that baptism is a very big deal! The book of Colossians hinges on baptism and so do the lives of Christians. 

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Why was Paul willing to endure suffering for the sake of the gospel? Why didn't he take what appeared to be the easy path and simply deny Jesus, receive his freedom, and be brought back into a respectable place in society? 

Because Paul knew Jesus. 

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In a world in which sin causes separation, the Church is given the task by Jesus to bring restoration.

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As Americans we might think we know what freedom is all about, but we learn about true freedom from studying Galatians chapter 5. 

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There's always a temptation to add our works to the work of Jesus, but in Galatians we learn why that's a bad idea. We also learn of the blessings of baptism! 

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Christ as our Good Shepherd is a beautiful, comforting image that we often look to in difficult times, yet Christ calls us as His sheep to listen to Him and follow Him in all times. 

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With this simple question, Jesus brings to mind past events and prepares His disciples to continue to trust Him in the future. 

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The resurrection of Jesus is the most important event in the history of the world.  Today we explored why the resurrection of Jesus is good news for us. 

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Christ is risen and that is good news for you!

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The Nunc Dimittis (Song of Simeon) is truly an amazing song and it's message can bring us true comfort! 

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The parable of the wicked tenants is challenging, but if we approach it with the right questions we can find what it means for us. 

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Where does the Sanctus come from?  Why do we sing it?  What can we learn from it? 

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The parable of the Prodigal Son is very well known, but it's familiarity can make it challenging for us to truly hear its message.  In this message we hear it again, but listening as if for the first time, we are able to hear something we might have previously missed. 

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Why does Jesus willing come to be "the Lamb of God?" 

What does this mean for us?

Why do we sing of Jesus as the Lamb of God?

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Luke 13:1-5 is a tough text in which Jesus tells us things we need to hear, but might not want to hear. Yet even with these tough words there is comfort to be found. 

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Jerusalem is a city filled with memories, both good and bad.  What can we learn from those memories?  What do they tell us about Jesus? 

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Why do we begin the service with the Invocation?  What can we learn about our lives from these 15 words? 

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What do the Old Testament, Epistle, and Gospel readings for this day have to do with each other?  Is there a common thread and if there is, what does it lead us to do? 

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The Transfiguration of Jesus can be best understood when we see the story God had been writing that led up to it. 

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In the beatitudes (found in Luke 6) Jesus makes it clear that blessing is not measured by earthly material wealth, but is a present reality for rich or poor for all who trust in Him. 

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God's holiness is enough to make us fear Him, so how can we approach Him? 

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God's love should have a HUGE impact on how we view all human life!

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What does it look like to live as a baptized child of God? 

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The Bible is truly an amazing thing.  God has spoken to us and keeps speaking to us through His word even today!  

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What determines who you are?

Is it what you do?  Is it what you accomplish?

Or is it something bigger?

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What can we learn from nativity scenes that include the Wise Me (Magi) at the manger?  

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