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The little book of Jude helps us to understand what Jesus meant when He taught that we are to "stay awake" and how to do that. 

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We (finally) finish chapter 1 of Colossians! 

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What does the book of Hebrews teach us about worship?  How can it help us to understand why we worship the way that we do? 

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In this session we cover the Christ hymn and the reality that Christ is all sufficient. 

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What can we learn from a widow who put two tiny coins into an offering box? 

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We continue our study of Colossians chapter 1. 

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What a joy to hear the gospel proclaimed in English and Amharic in the same sermon! 

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Have you ever been told that you look or act like your mom or dad?

Can it really be said that we look or act like our heavenly Father?

Find out why John was so filled with joy that he and all believers in Christ could be called, "children of God." 

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