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What difference does the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus make in marriages?  How about in every day life? 

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God didn't say to Elijah, "I'll never give you more than you can handle"  However, when the journey was too much for Elijah, God gave him strength through a special meal; He does the same for us today. 

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The people had received miraculous bread from the Lord, but they weren't content.  They wanted more/better/different things than what God was giving them and above all, they wanted actual food, not Jesus telling them that He's the true bread from heaven!

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It's no wonder the word "sin" has "I" in the middle, because sin is all about selfishness.  In the account of Samson, it's easy to see his sin, but what you might miss is the way in which the Israelites also put themselves before the Lord.  In the end, it's a very messy story in which no one looks good, but that's really no different than today, is it? 

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