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What kind of God do we have?  One who would become human, suffer, and die all so that sinners may live. 

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The love of Jesus was made tangible on Thursday of Holy Week and remains tangible for us even today. 

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Do you wish to see Jesus?  Holy week offers you just the opportunity to do so.

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Parents know the feeling of not really being listened to by their children, but it's not just children that have that issue.  In the gospel reading from Mark 10, James and John show that they really haven't been hearing what Jesus had to say and so they make an incredible request of Jesus.  But Jesus uses the opportunity to teach the sons of thunder, as well as the rest of the disciples, why He had come and what true greatness really looks like in His kingdom. 

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Revelation 13 begins with Satan enraged that he is unable to destroy the church, so he rages against the church by raising up two beasts. 

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Ephesians 2 tells us of our need for a help, how God has given that help, and what it means for us. 

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Revelation's account of Christmas, a battle in heaven, and the life of the Church. 

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Why is it that we say that the Ten Commandments still apply, while we no longer say that hundreds of other Old Testament laws apply?  Are we being hypocritical or is there a good reason for this? 

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A measuring staff, two witnesses, a disturbing celebration, and a resurrection.  What's it all about?  Ultimately, Revelation 11 is all about Christ's witnessing church. 

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