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Do you know who Jesus is? So, did the unclean spirit in Mark 1.  More important is this; Do you trust in Jesus? 

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Revelation 8 is a very tough chapter as it deals with God's wrath.  Yet it is important for us to understand this truth and why God would allow for bad things to happen in this world. 

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In examining the book of Jonah, we'll find that we have a lot more in common with Jonah than we might first realize. 

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In the midst of the suffering and tribulation happening on earth, we get a glimpse into heaven itself and find peace, safety, and the very presence of God Himself. 

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God is speaking; are you listening? Really?

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The four horsemen of the apocalypse, souls under an altar, and earthquakes; Revelation 6 is a chapter filled with difficult topics. 

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There's so much more happening when someone is baptized than they eye can see. 

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In Revelation chapter 5 we have some truths about Jesus reinforced and are reminded of just who He is. 

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Revelation chapter 4 is an amazing look into the throne room of God and a peek in to at least part of what heaven will be like. 

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