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500 years ago the world was changed forever when the 95 Theses were published.  But with all of the changes, the message of the Reformation, the message of the Bible, and the message that the world needs to hear today hasn't changed...and it's still all about Jesus. 

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When Jesus' enemies tried to trap Him with a questions, he turned the tables on them and forced them to consider what they owed to God.

What do we owe the government?  What do we owe to God? 

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In Philippians 4, Paul reveals "the secret" to a life of joy and peace.  What is it? 

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The letter to the church of Smyrna. 

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So often in this life, we're judged based on our performance. However, the Christian life is not a performance driven life in which we must live up to God's standards in order to be valued by Him, but rather a gospel given life. 

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