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How did Peter and the other Apostles go from men who ran away or denied Jesus to men who boldly confessed faith in Jesus as the only way of salvation, even in the face of the same council who had see to it that Jesus was crucified?  How can we be bold like the Apostles? 

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Jesus rose from the dead!  Fantastic! 

But why is this good news for you?  What does it mean in your life? 

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In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul writes about a mystery revealed and tells us about the comfort we can find in the resurrection of Jesus. 

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Just what is Good Friday all about?  It's about Christ our substitute acting in love so that we can be reconciled with God. 

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There are many reasons Jesus gave the Lord's Supper to His church and on this Maundy Thursday we focus on just one of those; the Lord's Supper as it relates to the New Covenant. 

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The events of Palm Sunday are amazing, but they are even more amazing when we see them from God's big picture perspective. 

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Shortly before being betrayed, arrested, tortured, and crucified, Jesus spends time praying for His people...including you. 

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Most of this sermon is structured like a story...a parable. It's the story of a stone, which represents a single Christian, and the stone's place in Christ's Church and as His Holy Temple. 

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"Prophesy to the bones" God told Ezekiel.  But what good could it do?  They were long since dead? Yet, he did proclaim God's message and amazing things happened. 


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