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We examine chapter 1 as Paul begins to address the problems of the church in Corinth, especially looking at the issue of divisions in the church.

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Some of the parables of Jesus are quite clear and easy to understand; this is not one of those.  What do we do with the parable of the dishonest manager?  What does it mean for us today? 

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Jesus didn't come to save the "good," but sinners. In Luke 15 Jesus tells two parables; the lost sheep and the lost coin. Through these parables He makes it clear that He has come to save sinners. 

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Onesimus was a runaway slave who came to faith in Jesus.  The freedom he came to know through the gospel then led him to willingly return to the master from whom he had run away.  Find out how the gospel sets you free for serving in your vocations. 

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