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In Joshua 20, the Lord directs that certain cities be made "Cities of Refuge" for the protection of those who were guilty of accidentally causing the death of another person.

What does this text tell us of Jesus?  What does it mean for us? 

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The end of Joshua 5 can be a perplexing text, unless it's understood through the lens of Christ. 

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God not only knew that children would ask a lot of questions, but it's a part of His good plan.  Find out how God used a pile of stones and the curiosity of children as a teaching tool for His people (both then and now). 

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Three times in Joshua 1, the Lord tells Joshua to be "strong and courageous."  Why could he be strong and courageous?  Why can we be strong and courageous? 

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Isaiah suddenly found himself in the presence of the Holy One of Israel...the very Triune God.  How did this event impact Isaiah?  What can we learn from it? 

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The ascension of Jesus is an event that can be difficult to understand, yet when it is understood it is truly good news. 

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Revelation 20 is a challenging chapter, yet is filled with good news and the reminder that in the end, victory belongs to all who are in Christ! 

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God went to great lengths to hammer home the point to Peter (as well as the whole church) that when Jesus said to make disciples of all nations, He really did mean all. 

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Philip, probably wondered to himself, "what am I doing here?"  Yet, God knew what why Philip was where he was and it was all according to His plan.

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We very quickly go through chapters 16 and 17 of Revelation 

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The image of Christ as the Good Shepherd is well loved for good reason.

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The Apostle John was a witness of many things, including the resurrected Jesus appearing to him and the other disciples as well as when Jesus showed Himself to Thomas (after Thomas had doubted).  What did John learn from these events? What can we learn from these events? 

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The resurrection of Jesus is the most important event in the history of the world, but can we be confident that it really did happen?

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Ours is a world with many false hopes and with problems that might lead people to lose hope, yet on Easter we are reminded that there is a sure and certain hope because of Jesus. 

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What kind of God do we have?  One who would become human, suffer, and die all so that sinners may live. 

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The love of Jesus was made tangible on Thursday of Holy Week and remains tangible for us even today. 

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Do you wish to see Jesus?  Holy week offers you just the opportunity to do so.

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Parents know the feeling of not really being listened to by their children, but it's not just children that have that issue.  In the gospel reading from Mark 10, James and John show that they really haven't been hearing what Jesus had to say and so they make an incredible request of Jesus.  But Jesus uses the opportunity to teach the sons of thunder, as well as the rest of the disciples, why He had come and what true greatness really looks like in His kingdom. 

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Revelation 13 begins with Satan enraged that he is unable to destroy the church, so he rages against the church by raising up two beasts. 

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Ephesians 2 tells us of our need for a help, how God has given that help, and what it means for us. 

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Revelation's account of Christmas, a battle in heaven, and the life of the Church. 

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Why is it that we say that the Ten Commandments still apply, while we no longer say that hundreds of other Old Testament laws apply?  Are we being hypocritical or is there a good reason for this? 

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A measuring staff, two witnesses, a disturbing celebration, and a resurrection.  What's it all about?  Ultimately, Revelation 11 is all about Christ's witnessing church. 

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What does it look like to truly trust in Jesus? 

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Recent events have shown to us yet again just how broken by sin our world truly is.  What can we do? Where can we find hope? 

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The Transfiguration of Jesus has a lot of things happening at once, but the most important is that it reminds us who Jesus is and that He is more than enough. 

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A big angel, a little scroll, and eating the Word. 

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The exciting reality in Mark 1 was that Jesus was on the move; it's still exciting news for us today. 

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Do you know who Jesus is? So, did the unclean spirit in Mark 1.  More important is this; Do you trust in Jesus? 

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Revelation 8 is a very tough chapter as it deals with God's wrath.  Yet it is important for us to understand this truth and why God would allow for bad things to happen in this world. 

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In examining the book of Jonah, we'll find that we have a lot more in common with Jonah than we might first realize. 

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In the midst of the suffering and tribulation happening on earth, we get a glimpse into heaven itself and find peace, safety, and the very presence of God Himself. 

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God is speaking; are you listening? Really?

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The four horsemen of the apocalypse, souls under an altar, and earthquakes; Revelation 6 is a chapter filled with difficult topics. 

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There's so much more happening when someone is baptized than they eye can see. 

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In Revelation chapter 5 we have some truths about Jesus reinforced and are reminded of just who He is. 

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Revelation chapter 4 is an amazing look into the throne room of God and a peek in to at least part of what heaven will be like. 

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We all have our different stories, but on Christmas we're reminded that our stories find their fullness in His story. 

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We finish with our look at the letter to the church in Laodicea. 

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In this sermon we recall how the season of Advent began, with a prayer from Isaiah and in this sermon we close out the season by remembering that Jesus is and was the answer to that prayer. 

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The story of Ruth reminds us that Jesus came to be the Savior for outsiders and the Redeemer of all. 

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The letter to the church of Laodicea. 

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Are you troubled by a sinful past?  Rahab's story reminds us that God's grace is far greater than any sinful past or present sins with which you struggle. 

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We tend to get bogged down in the daily grind, but the season of Advent reminds us that we are called to live with eternity in mind. 

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The church in Philadelphia wasn't large or powerful, but it was faithful. 

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Tamar's story isn't a pretty one, but it is true and from her story we can learn about the Savior who came from her line. 

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From Isaiah's prayer in Isaiah 64, we can learn to pray boldly, expectantly, and to wait patiently for the Lord to act. 

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The letter to the church in Sardis. 

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In Matthew 25 Jesus speaks of the final judgement, with the sheep being received into the eternal kingdom, but the goats cast into hell.  So, what's the difference between sheep and goats? 

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The letter to the church in Thyatira. 

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Why in the world would the God of the universe entrust His things to people like us?  What are we to do with these "talents?" 

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What is Jesus' message to the church in Pergamum? What does that message mean for us today? 

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In this world of danger and hardship, Christ invites you to come into His church and there find your home. 

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500 years ago the world was changed forever when the 95 Theses were published.  But with all of the changes, the message of the Reformation, the message of the Bible, and the message that the world needs to hear today hasn't changed...and it's still all about Jesus. 

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When Jesus' enemies tried to trap Him with a questions, he turned the tables on them and forced them to consider what they owed to God.

What do we owe the government?  What do we owe to God? 

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In Philippians 4, Paul reveals "the secret" to a life of joy and peace.  What is it? 

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The letter to the church of Smyrna. 

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So often in this life, we're judged based on our performance. However, the Christian life is not a performance driven life in which we must live up to God's standards in order to be valued by Him, but rather a gospel given life. 

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Sometimes people say "God's not fair!" Is that true?  If it is true, is that a bad thing? 

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Forgiving someone who has really hurt you can be difficult, yet we're called to do just that.  How can we forgive someone when it is hard to do?  Why would we want to? 

In this sermon we consider Jesus' teaching in Matthew 18:21-35 and the account of Joseph as he forgives his brothers. 

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In Matthew 18, the disciples wanted to know "who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?"  However, Jesus taught them far more, especially about what the life of a disciple of Jesus should look like. 

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We begin our study of the book of Revelation by introducing the book, giving some historical background, and sharing some tools to help better understand this challenging book. 

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What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word "worship?" Is it singing? Does it involve things that happen on Sunday mornings?  Those are both ways in which worship happens, but in Romans 12 we learn that worship happens far more throughout the rest of the week than on Sunday morning. 

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The recent solar eclipse reminded people just how amazing the sun and moon really and got people looking up into the heavens for the first time in a long time.  Similarly, we often take God for granted and forget just how amazing He truly is.  But in the last verses of Romans 11, we're reminded just how amazing the Triune God truly is and that he is worthy of our awe and worship. 

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The interaction between Jesus and the Canaanite woman is a challenging text, but one from which there is a lot to learn. 

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The account of Jesus (and later Peter) walking on water is often misunderstood and misused, but it's also an important and powerful account when rightly understood. 

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With five loaves and two fish, Jesus fed about 5000 men, plus women and children, and caused there to be enough left over for each disciple to have a basket full of food.  What can we learn from this event?  What does it mean for us today? 

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In the midst of suffering it can be difficult to trust that God can work all things for good, yet that's exactly what the Bible promises for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. 

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When we Christians are worn out by the battles and struggles of this life, God has good news for us the sustain us. 

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People today seem  more confused than ever about who they are and what they are supposed to do, but knowing God as our Father gives us an identity and helps us understand what we are to do with our lives. 

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If you have ever really tried your best to live for the Lord, but found yourself still falling into sin, or if you've ever really tried to live without sinning, but still failed, then St. Paul's message in Romans 7 is exactly what you need to hear.  

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It's easy to believe the Bible or celebrate the words of Jesus when they agree with what you already think or what you want to believe.  But what about the times when it is hard?  What about the times when God's Word contradicts what you believe or think? 

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Every Reformation event in the history of God's people has involved a return to the Word of God and in the New Testament era, a right understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done.  That's still the case today. 

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No matter what kind of a relationship you have or had with your earthly father, knowing God the Father is a true blessing. 

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We don't tend to talk nearly as much about the Holy Spirit as we do about God the Father or God the Son.  Why is that?  Who is the Holy Spirit?  What is it that He does? 

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Feeling empty?  Jesus offers living water to fill you up and when He does, that living water will make a difference for you and those around you. 

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Being on Noah's ark wasn't necessarily always pleasant, even if it was God's means of salvation.  What can we learn from God's saving of Noah through the flood? What does it have to do with baptism and the Church? 

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Stephen was a fantastic man whose life was cut short when a crowd reacted in a violent way to Word of God.  It was a tragic event, yet through Christ Stephen came out with the victory. 

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Why was Peter able to preach God's law in such a way that those listening were "cut to the heart?"  And then, what healing did Peter have to offer them?  

Peter's message was the same message we need to hear today and the same message others need to hear as well. 

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How did Peter and the other Apostles go from men who ran away or denied Jesus to men who boldly confessed faith in Jesus as the only way of salvation, even in the face of the same council who had see to it that Jesus was crucified?  How can we be bold like the Apostles? 

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Jesus rose from the dead!  Fantastic! 

But why is this good news for you?  What does it mean in your life? 

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In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul writes about a mystery revealed and tells us about the comfort we can find in the resurrection of Jesus. 

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Just what is Good Friday all about?  It's about Christ our substitute acting in love so that we can be reconciled with God. 

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There are many reasons Jesus gave the Lord's Supper to His church and on this Maundy Thursday we focus on just one of those; the Lord's Supper as it relates to the New Covenant. 

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The events of Palm Sunday are amazing, but they are even more amazing when we see them from God's big picture perspective. 

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Shortly before being betrayed, arrested, tortured, and crucified, Jesus spends time praying for His people...including you. 

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Most of this sermon is structured like a story...a parable. It's the story of a stone, which represents a single Christian, and the stone's place in Christ's Church and as His Holy Temple. 

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"Prophesy to the bones" God told Ezekiel.  But what good could it do?  They were long since dead? Yet, he did proclaim God's message and amazing things happened. 


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How often to we look at people, but we don't actually see them? 

In this gospel reading, many people looked at the man born blind, but only one actually saw Him. 

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In John 4, we see Jesus break through social boundaries and reach out to a very unlikely person; a Samaritan woman.  As we find out more about the situation, there are even more surprises.  

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What does it mean that God's Word speaks of the Church as "The Household of God?" 

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